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Every summer, whenever it gets really warm, thousands of people go to rivers in Amsterdam to take a little swim. Official spots are too scarce, and people don’t limit themselves to those. They dive in many places that are known by only a few but should be shared with everyone. 

The Free Bather is an app that allows people to find and share spots to swim in the rivers of Amsterdam.

user flow

As the main goal of the app is to visualize bathing spots across the city, the map is the central point of the user experience.

Text & backgrounds

Illustrations & icons

Deselected elements

Page titles & names

38 pt & 26 pt


24 pt

Search results & body

14 pt

ring menu

Following the shape of the floating ring, and hidden off-screen, the entire menu is quickly accessible while remaining on the map page.


Search tool

User profile


General Information

Spot Information Card

users are the source

Users can enrich the app by adding spots themselves. A long tap anywhere on the map will bring a new spot card up. The next step is to click on the appropriate badges to give information about the spot. After verification by the team, the spot will get the "verified" badge.

indestructible map

This waterproof map lets people find the most popular swimming spots. It also functions as a communication medium, suggesting users to download the app to find more spots and more information. Material: Polyethylene


Never go swim without bringing all your things in this totebag.

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